For Your Protection


SMiLe Pro Infinite

SMiLe Pro Infinite Being able to love family forever and ever (Bebas) freely is the hope of all of us. But like everything in life, there must be a limit.

SMiLe Pro Infinite gives you the freedom to love those who are precious to you without regard for time or circumstance by protecting your family and future generations.

Get the Life to Death Benefit and give your love to them with unlimited free!

8 Advantages of SMiLe Pro Infinite Life Insurance:

  1. (Bebas) Free to choose the period of protection
    (Free to determine the period of insurance protection (until the age of 75 or 100 years))
  2. (Bebas) Free Choice of Currency
    (Free to determine currency (Rupiah or US Dollar)
  3. (Bebas) Free Guaranteed to Get the Benefits of Life
    (If the insured lives up to the selected insurance period and the policy is still valid, 100% of the Sum Assured will be paid)
  4. (Bebas) Free Guaranteed to Get More Optimal Death Benefits
    (The Insured dies during the Insurance Period, a death benefit of 100% of the Sum Insured will be paid)
  5. (Bebas) Free from Premium Increase
    (Premiums are fixed according to the choice of payment period)
  6. (Bebas) Free Entry Until Age 70
    (Insured Entry Age is longer than 1 - 70 Years)
  7. (Bebas) Free Choice of Payment Period
    (Free to determine the premium payment period (5/10/15/20 years)
  8. (Bebas) Free Premium Discounts
    (Get Premium Deposit Discount)