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Individual Insurance

SMiLe Personal Accident

An accident might be unavoidable, but the consequence can be overcome with with SMiLe Personal Accident. This stand-alone protection which may also serve as a rider will accompany you throughout your hospital treatment, suffering physical disability and even death.

  • The Insured is entitled for the maximum sum assured of IDR 2,000,000,000 or USD 200,000.
  • The amount of sum assured received will vary, depending on the type of risk opted for an accident:
    1. Risk A
      The beneficiary will receive 100% sum assured, if the insured dies within the valid insurance period.
    2. Risk B
      If the insured suffers immediate permanently disability or within 90 days afterwards, the insured will receive:
      1. 100% sum assured for total permanent disability
      2. Varied percentage and not more than 100% sum assured (for partial permanent disability)
    3. Risk D
      The Insured will receive insurance benefit for the medication or treatment cost from physician or hospital, to the amount of maximum 10% of sum assured and not exceeding the sum assured within 1 policy year.