For Your Protection

Individual Insurance

SMiLe Medical

Being healthy is inexpensive. You just need to plan it earlier. With SMiLe Medical, undergoing in-patient treatment will be easier. Not only you, we also provide health protection for your other family member. Nothing is surely more wonderful than seeing your loved ones stay healthy?

This product protection provides as charged benefit

The amount of benefit you receive is equivalent to the nominal value written in the medical bill issued by the hospital, in which the maximum amount shall refer to the provisions of the policy.

SMiLe Medical may serve as a rider.

  • Cashless at partner hospitals in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • Reimbursement for treatment cost at any hospital worldwide
  • Discount 2.5% for the Additional Insured
  • Hospital charges reimbursement
    • Room charge during in-patient treatment up to IDR 2 million per night
    • Surgery
    • Specialist physician
    • Laboratory examination, etc.
  • In-patient treatment for 365 days per annum
  • As charged benefit
  • Total claim per annum up to IDR 1.9 billion