Group Insurance

SMiLe Medicare

SMiLe Medicare can assist the company in allocating the employees health cost insurance in the form of fixed cost or by Administration Service Only (ASO) system basis that ensures budget efficiency and savings for the company and of course, provides additional benefit for the employees and their families welfare. Such fixed costs may prevent the company from poor cash flow in case a surge in medical reimbursement occurs.

  • 24/7 - Worldwide: The benefits apply worldwide for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Flexible: Insurance benefit tabulation can be developed according to the company's requirements
  • Provider : Extensive network of providers for inpatient, outpatient medical treatment as well as maternity service nationwide
  • E-Card Provider option is available by manual and e-card systems
  • Excellent service : Provider system is managed on fee basis for service, not on full control
  • Fast : The claim is processed for a maximum of 10 business days. Access to transparent claim report and regular reporting
  • E-Portal : The corporate website is available to check on the detailed claim report, excess charge report and claim denial report (if any)
  • Added Value : Your SMiLe Medicare card can serve as a discount card at merchants bearing Sinarmas logo.
Medical Emergency Assistance Service

Providing evacuation and repatriation services both domestic and international

*Medical Check Up
  • In cooperation with several medical check up providers.
  • Providing various options on medical check up
  • Providing vaccination service that is suitable to the workers'/participants' need
Health Seminar
  • For prevention purpose, we hold health seminar on various topics deems suitable by the Medical Advisor.
  • Record health history of participants/workers
  • Serve as a reminder for the participants/workers to examine their health, referring to the records registered in e-Sehat