This Pension Fund manages a Pension Program for individuals, both the employer's employee and independent worker. It assists in securing the wealth of the respective Participant during his/her old age and or the family as stipulated in the Pension Fund Regulation. It can also manage the severance pay for the employer's employees with the Pension Program for Severance Compensation (PPUKP).

  1. Retirement Benefit for the Participant that consist of:
    1. Normal Retirement Benefit. Disbursed for the Participant when reaching the normal retirement age
    2. Early Retirement Benefit. Occurs when the Participant stops working/has no income and does not pay the Contribution at the age of at least 10 (ten) years before reaching the normal retirement age
    3. Disabled Pension Benefit. Occurs if the Participant is declared disabled by a physician practicing in an authorized institution
    4. Delayed Pension. Occurs if the Participant stops working or has no income at the age of more than 10 (ten) years before reaching the normal retirement age.
  2. In the event of death of the Participant, the right to the Pension Benefit is payable to the Widow/Widower or Descendant
  3. In the event of no legitimate Widow/Widower, or the Widow/Widower remarries, the Pension Benefit is payable to the Descendant until the respective descendant reaches the age of 25 (twenty-five) years old.

Any employee, employer and independent worker can be registered as the Participant if fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Have an income
  2. At least 17 (seventeen) years old or already married.