Jakarta, 05 September 2013 – Health is an important factor in life for every individual, with a healthy body and mind people will be able to carry out all the activities of life. Therefore, Sinarmas MSIG Life continues its commitment to provide the best by developing products and protect customers’ health.

Proved by the cooperation between Sinarmas MSIG Life and Bank Sinarmas present Simas Power Link (SIMPOL) which gives all the benefits and simplicity of protecting family health.

Held at PLAZA SIMAS, the launching of Simas Power Link, a product proudly presented by Sinarmas MSIG Life and a health care protection product combined with investments that will give optimal results to customers benefits. Various products provided by SIMPOL to ensure the customers’ health care protection. Customers are given flexibility to extend the protection scope such as: SMiLe Personal Accident ; SMiLe Term Insurance ; SMiLe Hospital Protection ; Total Permanent Disability; Critical Illness ; Waiver Premium Total Permanent Disability ; Waiver Premium Critical Illness ; Payor Benefit Death / Total Permanent Disability ; Payor Benefit Critical Illness.

Beside giving health care protection, customers will be benefit in investing. Customers are able to decide themselfs various types of investments with different types of fund options, starting with secure fund until agressive fund with minimum premium Rp. 500.000,- per month. The main advantage given by SIMPOL is, the value of investment return suits the chosen fund, also there isn’t acquisition costs in the third year and beyond. Great deal of flexibility to customers also showed by how easy to make switching fund¸not only that the customers able to withdraw half of the invesment fund after three months policy.

“This strategic partnership between Sinarmas MSIG Life and Bank Sinarmas through Simas Power Link is our commitment to give a high quality health care protection with all the flexibility within. Not only that, this product will also give benefit in terms of customers’ investment,” told Johnson Chai who is The President Director of Sinarmas MSIG Life.